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Middle States Geographer Volume 31, 1998
Journal of the Middle States Division of the Association of American Geographers



Spatial Variability in Stability Thresholds, Verde River, Arizona.  Patricia J. Beyer.

Field Testing of Rock Hardness and its Relationship to Limestone Dissolution in Guilin, Southern China.  Tao Tang.

A Search for Economic Alternatives: Hops in Franklin County, New York During the Nineteenth Century.  Thomas A. Rumney.

The Farmer Takes a Wife, the Wife Takes the Farm.  Barbara S. Hildebrant.

Farming under a Regime of Harder Work: Ecological Maintenance and Degradation in the Ormanysag, SW Hungary.  Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro.

Tourism Issues in Belize.  James Wiley.

Exclusionary Discourse in New York City and Cape Town, South Africa.  Grant Saff.

City Policy and Urban Renewal: A Case Study of Fort Greene, Brooklyn.  Winifred Curran.

Foreign Direct Investment in Poland: Sub-National Distribution and Location Factors, 1989-1997.  Joel I. Deichmann.

The Intermetropolitan Location and Growth of the Institutional Investment Advisory Industry in the United States, 1983-1996.  John E. Bodenman.

Economics of Scale and International Exports of SIC 35 from US Metropolitan Areas.  James P. Lewandowski.

From Capital of the New-World to New World-Capital: Pre-1930s Globalism in New York City.  Jason Hackworth.

The Problematic Nature of Neighborhoods as Urban Social Spaces.  Jonathan Gibs.

The Challenge of Maintaining Parity for Offshore Islands.  Ian Watson.

Effects of Technological Change on Seafarers in U.S. Merchant Shipping.  James M. Kendra.

Arab Net: An Evolving Window on the Arabic World.  Jennifer A. Paluch.