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Observing Systems and Monitoring in Nearshore Lake Erie

Buffalo River

Ashtabula River

Cattaraugus Creek

The Observing and Monitoring Systems in Nearshore Lake Erie project aims to expand the existing network of observation buoys deployed in the Great Lakes. A novel system of buoys will be deployed in three nearshore (and AoC) areas of Lake Erie year round. In conjunction with Automated Underwater Vehicle data collection missions, the impacts of climate and environmental change on the water quality and hydrodynamics will be monitored at high temporal and spatial resolution. The year round deployment ensures that critical winter data, including ice thickness and flow, are also collected. The long term monitoring aspect of this project ensures that dynamic relationships between atmospheric and hydrobiological parameters are better understood and will allow for better predictive capabilities. In a first instance the data will be used to further validate the FVCOM hydrodynamic forecasting model predictions of the impacts of environmental and climate change on Lake Erie and the Great Lakes at large. On a broad scale the data will be available for use for scientific and resource management purposes.

The near real-time data will be available to stakeholders, educators and students through this website. Interactive updates of physical, chemical and biological properties of the lake will be available by following the link: