Current speed and direction will be measured in 0.5 meter thick layers from the bottom of the water column to the surface. In addition, the AWAC is mounted with an Acoustic Surface Tracking (AST) system resulting in echo-ranging to the surface with the vertically oriented transducer which also gives one the ability to derive wave parameters (velocity, direction and amplitude) based on time series analyses and can directly measure wave parameters such as Hmax, H1/10, Tmean, etc.. This provides important new insight into more detailed currents at specific depths, allowing for a higher resolution integration of the differing water column dynamics. The instrument is bottom mounted in an anti-trawling frame (Mooring Systems Inc.:

The AWAC will run autonomously for up to 6 months, allowing for winter data to be collected. In addition, the AST system allows for ice thickness and flow to be measured during the winter deployment period. During ice-free months, the AWAC will communicate through an acoustic modem to the buoy, allowing for real-time transmission of data alongside the other parameters.