ESRI ArcGIS Server 10 is being used to run this application. For detailed assistance with this product please go to

Map Scheme:

The Education Policy and Data Center gathers education statistics from multiple sources for multiple years. There are separate map layers for each year and each data source. The yearly data are grouped together under each data source. Un-checking the box next to the data source name turns off (makes invisible) all year layers under that source.

Map colors:

A check mark in the box next to a map layer name indicates that the layer is visible. HOWEVER, map layers are drawn from the bottom up. So, for example, if a country has data for 1999 and 2003 the colors on the map relate to the values associated with 2003 because it is “on top” of the 1999 layer. To see the appropriate shading for 1999, all map layers “above” the 1999 layer, including those under other data sources, must be turned off. Caution, if the MICS 2000 layer is visible and the DHS 2003 (or 2002 ….) layers are visible, the shading on the map will always represent the MICS 2000 value because the MICS 2000 layer is above the DHS 2003 layer.

Labels print whenever a layer is visible. The label includes the statistic for the area and the year associated with the statistic. If multiple layers are visible, and data exists for a particular region for multiple years, all labels will be printed within the region. However, the color will relate to the top most visible layer.

Query or Identify tools:

These tools work only on the ACTIVE layer and only one layer is active at a time. You can change the active layer by checking the box next to the layer name under the active column. Changing the active layer does not change what is visible on the map.