How to use the interactive map

Click on a block group or parcel on the map to view a popup window with various data from the survey. Demographic, socioeconomic, and housing inventory data have been summarized by block group. Each surveyed parcel has a picture attached in the popup, which was taken from the field at the time of the survey.

As you pan around the map, the panel above will display available Google Street View imagery. The location that the Street View imagery is showing is the center of the map, denoted by a small black circle on the map.

Search for a specific parcel by typing the address into the "Search by address" bar. As you type, suggestions will pop up. Click a suggested address to zoom to that parcel and display its popup information.

The Legend tab shows the map legend for the layers in the current view.

There are currently only two layers in the map: Surveyed Block Groups and Parcels. The layers may be turned on and off in the Layers tab.

You may change the basemap for the map using the Change Basemap tab.